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How could I not comment on the new album?


I have no strong feelings about this song. xD their parady (?) songs have always been hit or miss to me. I love Wonderful Life, dislike Wahaha, am ambivalent towards It's My Soul and adore Musekinin Hero. can't quite decide where this song lies for me yet, but I do know it's not one of my favorites.

I like the song in parts, but I don't like the whole thing, if that makes any sense?

Fight for the Eight
I keep wanting a stronger beat in this song. tried adding echo from a sound mixer software on my computer, and I liked it a lot more, lol. love the PV though, so that made me love the song a lot more.

Fly High
the main melody reminds me of the Hannah Montana theme song I DID NOT SAY THAT ABORT ABORT ABORT.

Dye D?
ewww autotone, but THE MELODY. I'm a sucker for minor. I love the main melody, so I'm blaming the small things I don't like on the arranger because the songwriter is awesome YASU ILU. vocal track still stands out, but that's what I think of the entire album. hate the autotone, especially on Subaru's voice (he already has a sharp voice, this goes into ear-hurting territory), but I still like this song.

Water Drop
lol no. it's fun trying to find everyone's voices in this song, but it sounds like a ballad that went through too much remixing. (both the song and its title remind me of KAT-TUN, btw.)

it's pleasant to listen to, I guess. sort of generic. really not very memorable to me.

I was like hey, this sounds like a Funky Monkey Babys song, and then I went and checked out the song and yeah, one of the songwriters and arrangers was associated with Funky Monkey Babys. xD I love the song, but it really didn't matter who sang the song.

one of my favorite tracks on this album. there's not much to say about it though.

the first Ryo solo I didn't like. xD mostly because the English word scarecrow sounds so awkward in the song? it's also not very memorable, but I do like the melody right before the song goes into the chorus.

FAVORITE NEW THING. I totally went through a phrase when songs like this were all I listened to, and this reminds me of that period. really energetic and happy and fun, but even that aside I really like the tune too. :D

I SHIP IT. oops wrong topic. the song's really cute, except that makes me think of TegoMasu lol. Yoko and Maru's voice adds an unique element to it though.

it's a really happy song, but it's also just sort of...there. nothing happens, there's no climax in the song, and Subaru sounds like he's trying to add in his own flare when there's really nothing to work with. ending's super cute. <3

I wonder who sound-mixed this album? I think the vocals could use a little mixing, although I do like hearing their voices. It works for ballads or acoustic songs, but the songs on this album aren't really from that genre, so I would have preferred it a lot more if the other tracks besides the vocal one is turned up, I guess.

Another problem I have with this album is how the songs keep reminding me of other groups, so it ends up not feeling like a Kanjani8 album. That's not a bad thing, and I'm glad they tried something different, but I hope they go for another style next time. I guess what I'm not getting from this album is a Japan/Osaka vibe? And Subaru's voice really doesn't fit the techno-pop thing they have going on here. There's no one song that really stands out for me either, unlike 8UPPERS where it felt like each song had its own character. Overall, kind of unmemorable. I'm sorry? xD


As for the PVs and Makings...

Monjai Beat

Yasu's expression. :DDD PEOPLE ON THE CEILING. I love the ceiling idea, I don't even know why. And Ryo, why are you wearing blue, and WHY IS THAT SWEATER MAKING ME PAY ATTENTION TO YOU. His sweater really fits with Yasu's jacket, okay. And he looked like he totally went all out for this. xD But oh, I didn't notice how deep Ohkura and Hina's voices sounded until I watched this. Couldn't care less about the people in the background. They were just sort of there, I don't really see the point, even though I know it's to add energy.

I loved watching them coming up with the promotion shirts! It's interesting how Hina and Yasu stuck together, they're really getting along much better these days. xD Ryo keeps wandering around wanting to share opinions but no one wants to talk to him, lol.

Fight for the Eight

CRAZY!YASU. I don't like the makeup on Subaru, Ryo and Ohkura, but HOLY SHIT THE BACKGROUND. I love that wall. I love that room. I love that other wall. The chandelier. And the props, so many things on the walls and I love them all asdflkj. I don't like Yasu's hair, but goddammit he's hot and HIS EVERY EXPRESSION, OMG. I don't care if it's creepy I want to see him make out with animal-headed female shaped creatures all day. I don't know how Hina managed to become awesome, but he looks amazing and I love it. Also there's Ryo being a dork and it's not fair I DON'T EVEN LIKE YOU WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING THINGS THAT ATTRACT MY ATTENTION.

As for the making...I keep repeating myself, but Yasu is so awesome oh my god be my favorite forever (even if you can't talk like a normal person). But LMAO at Yoko breaking character and not knowing what to do with the girls around him LOLOLOLOL he can't even look at them, he has to run away immediately so he doesn't self-destruct (code for something else cough) on the spot. xDDD OH, AND SUBARU'S POUT.

Solo/Unit Songs

I'm sorry, Ryo, I totally skipped your section. :P Yasu/Hina/Ohkura looked like they really enjoyed getting into that song. But MARU IN A SUIT. With a pink tie. And Yoko/Maru abound <3 I like the atmosphere around Subaru when he's thinking about music, but I really don't like the song much, so.


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