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Road to "SMILE"
Yamashita Tomohisa x Masuda Takahisa
Yamashita and Masuda in Fukouka for the Volleyball World Cup, taking a stroll and thinking of NewS's future on the streets in the morning. Despite this, so sleepy!

This morning something happened, NewS's timezone!

Yamashita: Wa-n, so sleepy.
Masuda: Because it's early in the morning.

During the Volleyball World Cup, NewS has been busy participating in a lot of TV programs. There has also been a lot of morning recordings. Today also, they're walking in the streets after a recording. But, the shops are still in preparationg. Masuda seems to have spotted something and points at a display window.

Masuda: Ah, I like that. What's that called? Ah, it's 'FRED-kun'! (a character that dresses in English Gentlemen style wearing hats.)
Yamashita: Eh, that's cute.
Masuda: Right? I can't help but notice it.

To Masuda, Yamashita is a huge senpai among the Jrs. Despite being in the same group, even now it's difficult to talk with ease.

Masuda: I really respect Yamashita-kun. During his college exams, even when there's only a little time, he's still studying textbooks. I think that's amazing.
Yamashita: I was probably preparing small essays back then.
Masuda: Like me, even if it's for normal exams I still can't concentrate.
Yamashita: Together with the members, that's not an environment suited for studying.
Masuda: In the hotel rooms, there's the kind that's tired and goes directly to sleep and the kind that chats till midnight, right.
Yamashita: I'm the sleeping kind. Although I hear things like 'go to someone's room to meet up', 'let's go', I go to sleep. The only time was when I went to Kusano's room to watch everyone play a soccer video game. Back then, I didn't join in (laugh).
Masuda: Hahaha, that's really my-pace. Is Yamashita-kun good at waking up in the morning?
Yamashita: I'm not good, I'm not good. It takes a lot of effort to wake up.
Masuda: Speaking of mornings, in Sapporo, Koyama and Shige wasn't there after the meeting time went by? When we got worried and went to check, they were both wearing pajamas going 'huh~?'...(laugh).
Yamashita: That's not the time to go 'huh' (laugh). Seeing them nervous was really funny.

Heading towards 'Muscle Lecture'! A muscled body-type.

In 2003, NEWS's grouping is the biggest NEWS.

Masuda: When we were decided on as the World Volleyball main characters, I wasn't really interested in volleyball. But after cheering them on, I'm completely enthralled.
Yamashita: It's very depressing when we lose.
Masuda: I still want to support Japan, I really hope they can get into the Olympics.
Yamashita: It'll definitely happen if we believe in them! NEWS needs more power too, we need to become stronger.
Masuda: I want to know how to talk better. I need to be more forward. Right now, there's still a lot of concerns.
Yamashita: I think Massu's fine like this.
Masuda: You're right. When I'm forcefully trying to say something interesting, it always ends in failure.
Yamashita: Isn't it alright to not know what will happen.
Masuda: I want to be on television shows more as NEWS.
Yamashita: If we're doing it, I think variety shows are better. Each member can have their own corner.
Masuda: What should my corner be like?
Yamashita: If it's Massu, there's definitely only the 'Muscle Lecture'. Every week, you can teach different methods for training muscles. Like the shopping channels in America.
Masuda: That's a bit embarassing.
Yamashita: No problem. I'll do it.
Masuda: You're coming on the show with me? I'm really glad ♪
Yamashita: Not going on the show together, I'll follow the Muscle Lecture in reality. At home.
Masuda: There's no point if it's at home!
Yamashita: That's not true! The more television shows you do, the more my muscles will be trained. When I become muscled, 'I actually follow the Muscle Lecture!', I'll promote like this for you!
Masuda: Naturally, I'm not happy at all!

from North East West South's enclosed NEWS

Yamashita's Scroll
Nothing special happened in the World Volleyball arenas, there's no happening like forgetting to zip my pants. Aah, but my costume doesn't have sleeves, so I almost couldn't stand Hokkaido's cold weather. That white costume, at first there's only one. In the middle because they had to be washed there was a new one. But there's still no sleeves...PLEASE~long sleeves!

Masuda's Scroll
At the World Volleyball arenas, I'm the only one that wears roller skates. In order not to harm the floor I always skate carefully. Once, I skated too fast, I was thinking 'what if I braked suddenly and hurt the floor?' when I bumped into the pillar. Even though I wasn't hurt, I was laughed at by Koyama, who saw that moment.

--Myojo, February 2004

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