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Back at school, last semester of college. Aside from feeling slightly overwhelmed that MY COLLEGE LIFE IS ALMOST OVER, things are pretty normal.

But anyway just wondering, is anyone here??????

It feels like no one uses LJ anymore. I can understand that, it's a sucky website, but I feel lonely. I haven't socialized for the last month and omg I can't remember how to talk to people anymore. I spent my winter vacation staying at home playing Pokemon and sleeping. I have a lot to talk about Pokemon, but I have a feeling I'm going to have even less friends than I already do if I try that.

ANYWAY. Anyone who knows anything about Pokemon (there's a yellow mouse called Pikachu! there, you know something now) should watch this Pokemon Engrish Green Nuzlocke Run. Slightly offensive at times, but I think that's because I've forgotten how offensive guys can normally be when they're not even trying (I think I've forgotten how offensive ALL people can be like). Seriously though, it's EPIC. Of course, you have to have played first gen to properly appreciate all the epicness, and you probably have to know what a Nuzlocke run is (fainted Pokemon are dead, you know now~), but everyone should GO ALL OUT (by which I mean TACKLE) that. Too lazy to play it for myself, it's probably going to give me a headache, so watching this run was amazing enough for me.

I need to stop using parentheses. Sorry about that.

So, what is real life, and is it edible? OH WAIT, SCHOOL. Yeah, I need to get back on that, but all the courses offered this semester look like they're going to take a lot of effort and I don't know what's that.

I need better hobbies. Ones that won't cause people to look at me weirdly. Any suggestions?
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